My name is Gerald Coe, A.K.A. Woofy.

I bought my first computer, a Z80 based NASCOM 1 in 1978. It had 1k ROM containing the NAS-BUG monitor and 2k RAM. 1K of that was video RAM and some of the rest was used by the NAS-BUG monitor, leaving around 750 bytes for user programs. Pretty limited, but really, you never wanted to type more than that as hand assembled hex code.

I’ve always had a liking for retro computing and as this year (2021) is the 50th anniversary of the intel 4004, I have put this site together to document my “Intel 4004 50th anniversary computer”.

Why Woofy?

The name Woofy comes from Micky, a dog my dad owned many moons ago. He was my pal during my teenage years and I missed him dearly when he died.